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Actually, Yes, this only happens to Arkansas…

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Some people may say that Arkansas Razorback fans are just be whiny and complaining about the fact that North Carolina is honestly much better than the Hogs from year-to-year. However, national media has even started to notice that this will be the 3rd time that Arkansas has ran into North Carolina in the 2nd round of the NCAA Tournament. It does seem very odd. The Razorbacks get given a first round opponent that we should beat, then it is always setup for us to meet UNC. It almost seems like the committee is saying “you think you are good, well here ya go, you are done Arkansas.”

If it was only twice even, maybe it would not seem so odd, but THREE times we have now met UNC in the round of 32. It also should be note that this is the first time in the modern era that two teams have met in the same round three times. The FIRST time! You mean to tell me that with all the different teams, and number crunching that the NCAA does, that they didn’t do this on purpose? I know I may sound like just another whiny fan, because my team is about to get beaten badly again, but I do think that the numbers don’t lie and this is kinda upsetting to see it happen against the same team, in the same round, for a THIRD time. Nice job NCAA. Way to keep it fair….

Eric W. Spradlin

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