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Keep Communism and Slavery out of our schools

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There has been some scary stuff that has been proposed lately, as it pertains to the school system of the United States. Certain propositions by the elected officials that this country has put into office, have me scratching my head and wondering why we don’t just change our name to communist Russia or something like that.

The two propositions that have me the most worried are that the education system may go to a voucher system of naming where a child must/should go to school, and the second is a proposition that a congressman made that stated that children that are on reduced priced lunches should have to “sweep floors” to teach them that “nothing comes free.” Both of these will not work. The first one completely ignores the fact that families in this country have to move all the time and that most school systems work well together when transferring records to each other. If this voucher system lays out where you child must go to school then does that force you to stay put? The second one bugs me even worse. Under no circumstance should your child be forced to sweep floors, or do any type of manual work, on school grounds in front of other classmates. This is what I would liken to slavery. You cannot humiliate a child just because of the income level of a parent. Republican Jack Kingston, of Georgia, is the man who thought up this hairbrain scheme. And its completely insensitive and basically needs to be blotted out of consideration.

Eric W. Spradlin

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