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Mysteries Involving The Human Element

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There are mysteries that are far and wide in this great world of ours. Some are of a more fantastical nature, meaning that they do not contain real human elements to them. An example of these would be the UFO phenomena, animalistic ones such as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster, and religious type things. But the mysteries that seem the most intriguing are the ones that have the human element to them. That is because, although we know something happened, we know that humans were involved, but we do not know what happened. We strive harder to understand mysteries when there are human elements involved. But why is this? What keeps us striving after mysteries that will probably never be solved, but we keep digging into the crux of the story?


Above, you can see three of those mysteries where it is undeniable that something happened, but we cannot figure out what exactly. The strange case of D.B. Cooper has been lauded as the greatest airline heist ever by some. But questions we have not answered are many. Who was he? Did he survive the jump out of the plane? If he did, what happened to him and the money? The second case picture above is that of Teamsters leader Jimmy Hoffa. What is known is that in 1975 he went missing. That’s about all we know. Several theories have been made, by both professionals and amateurs, but no evidence has really surfaced that is substantial. The third picture is the symbol of the Zodiac Killer. Again, we know that someone (or possibly more than one) went on a killing spree in California, but we have yet to know who and what the motive was.

There are more mysteries like these that are unsolved, and most of the good ones contain the human element (what happened to the Titanic for real, who was Jack the Ripper, did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone, etc). But my question is this, if these mysteries were to be solved then would the mystique still be there? Do we really want these mysteries solved? All the time and effort that independent researchers, like myself, put into these cases, would then have to be devoted toward something else. Most likely cases like these will never be solved, but the allure of human element mysteries will keep us scrapping and diving into the “facts” until we think we have an answer.


Eric W. Spradlin

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