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Reviews: How Social Media Can Affect Boone County Businesses.

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There is no doubt that social media has an effect on our world. No-one disputes that. However, that’s just about where the agreement ends. Because people will debate to the end of time, whether social media effects are positive or negative for society. Honestly, the correct answer is both. This article focuses on how social media reviews can affect local businesses in the Boone County area. Social media has given us all a voice. Instead of buying the space in the newspaper to air our grievances, now all that is required is logging on to the several social media sites that are available. But do we honestly think about the damage we could do by leaving an awful review for a business? 

There are a couple of reasons that leaving reviews for businesses can be harmful. First, most small businesses can only withstand a couple of negative reviews. Then, it can become so harmful that they may have to close shop, meaning owner’s families may be forced to take a huge loss. Secondly, as customers, we are not very understanding of what it takes to make it in that particular business. I read a review once about a business that I had done repeat good business with, still do actually, about a dispute pertaining to the ins and outs of a transaction gone bad. The customer was obviously uneducated about the materials themselves, and therefor left a completely unfair review of the owner/business. The reviews really don’t bother me. What bothers me is the fact that if hundreds of people read that one review, it can cost the business loads of potential new customers and potentially drive old customers away too. But before we get into thinking that I am hating on the business review system, allow me to say that does have many wonderful qualities as well. I have spent loads of money on certain types of products/businesses based off an online review or a verbal recommendation. 

It has been suggested to me, by local friends and colleagues, that another source of detriment to businesses are groups that are basically gossip groups. These groups give people a forum to complain about anything under the sun and complain they do. One bad review can do a business in. Forcing them to close their doors on the thousands of other customers that may love to transact there. Lets be real, places like McDonald’s and Wal-Mart, are not going anywhere because of some bad reviews, but other Boone County businesses might, so I ask you to do the best you can to try to isolate any issue you have with a local business and get it cleared up, and please think twice about the things you say across social media. 

Eric W. Spradlin

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